City College of San Francisco



CCSF  Jiu-jitsu Tournament


At the end of every semester, the CCSF Jiu-jitsu Club hosts a Invitational Tournament for the Bay Area. In addition to learning the sport of Jiu-jitsu, you will also be exposed to management of a Jiu-jitsu Tournament.

The tournament is held on a Friday night.  Competition begins at 7:00 pm.  Registration and weigh-in for the tournament starts at 6:00 pm.  We begin with the beginners (White Belts) and move through to the Blue and Purple Belts.   The competition is only for Adults.


Admission is Free.


Tournament Staff Responsibilities

Responsibility: Beg. Jiu-jitsu Class

  • The running and organization of the Competition Pool (Fight Sheet)
    • The "Pools" are determined by grouping the competitors will similar characteristics. i.e.. Same rank, weight and sex.

Pool Writers

  • Responsible for writing name and club of contestants competing in the "Pools" as handed to you by the Pool Coordinator
  • Print:
    • First and Last Name (1st Line)
    • Academy/Club (2nd Line)
  • Double check as to the appropriateness of the pool
  • Check for: Sex: Are they of the same sex
  • Age: The age group should span only 2-3 ages
  • Belt Color: Are the belt colors similar
  • Weight: Are the contestants between 10 lbs from the lightest to heaviest
  • Let the pool coordinator know of any problems

Pool Recorder

  •  #1 Person: Actually conducts the pool elimination system and recording the win/loss result.
  • #2 Person: Assists the #1 person in running the Pool
    • Main emphasis: Preparing the athletes for competition


  • The scorekeeper/Timer is responsible for recording the scores and keeping the match time.


Registration of Contestants

  • Responsible for registering the contestants at the beginning of the tournament.


Tournament Staff Pool Coordinator

  • Pool Sheet Coordinator: Match Maker The Pool Sheet coordinator has the most difficult responsibility of the tournament.
    • It is their responsibility to match the individuals according to:
      • Sex
      • Age
      • Belt Color
      • Weight

Determining the Contestants

  • Entry forms are taken from Registration Section
  • The registration person will mark each entry form. The forms will be separated between male and female, through the use of "Blue" highlight for Males and "Pink" highlight for females.

Method of Elimination

  • Pool system of competition will be used: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 person pool
  • Contestants are grouped in pools according to the following criteria
  • Sex: Males and Females are separated
  • Age: The age group
  • Belt Color: Similar belt colors
  • Weight: Are the contestants between 10 lbs from the lightest to heaviest.